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Dedicated Professionals in Fall Clean Up

 Plants and shrubs undergo less trauma when getting pruned before the cold season. If interested in a fall clean up service, then contact New Gearz Lawn Care & Maintenance. We provide a comprehensive fall clean up service that involves removing leaves from your property and drainage inlets, tilling your vegetable garden, fertilizing your lawn and breaking up any soil to keep water from pooling. Curb appeal may be an important priority for your home. If so, keep your lawn healthy and looking its best! At New Gearz Lawn Care & Maintenance, we’ll conduct a thorough fall clean up that removes debris that otherwise would hinder the sunlight from helping your lawn thrive.

The Key Benefits of Fall Clean Up Services

Getting your lawn ready for the season can benefit you. We encourage a fall clean up service for the following reasons:

  • Beautiful grounds
  • Eliminating debris prevents fungi and disease growth
  • Further protection for your lawn
  • Trimming encourages shrub and tree growth
  • Lawn aeration circulates oxygen and nutrients to the roots of the grass

Because fallen leaves and weeds make the perfect spot for pests to settle in for the winter, a fall clean up service remains an essential step. New Gearz Lawn Care & Maintenance will clean your gutters, fertilize your lawn and prune your shrubs. Our professional fall clean up team in Clarkton has a wealth of experience on the best ways to care for your lawn this season. Contact our North Carolina fall clean up specialists to continue keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful during the off seasons.

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